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Welcome to RoadDust's free backgrounds archive. Use as many of these free backgrounds as you wish. All I ask is that you link back to to allow others to use these backgrounds to!

Use the arrows above to scroll through the free backgrounds. You can go directly to a specific background by typing its number in the textbox and click on the "Go to background #" button.

To save a background, "right-click" on it then select "Save background as...". You will then be able to select the location on your computer where you want to save the background. To learn how to include it into your website, read below.
If you cannot scroll through the above backgrounds or cannot display them properly, it is because you have disabled JavaScript on your web browser. Since there is no logical reason for doing this, I suggest you turn it back on.

Free Background Archive and HTML Background tutorial.

Get you free backgrounds and learn how to insert them.

Above you will find a vast collection of free backgrounds you can use for your website. It is RoadDust's official free backgrounds archive. Now that you have all the backgrounds you need at your disposal, it is time for me to show you how to implement them on your webpage. There are different ways of adding a background to your webpage. One of them is by using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). If you want to learn more about CSS feel free to visit the cascading style sheet tutorial on this website. Even though CSS is a great way to display your backgrounds if you wish to only have to change them in one place. I will show you the simplest and most popular way of setting one of the free backgrounds on your web page.

Inserting a background on your HTML file.

How to insert a background on the body tag of your HTML file.

The simplest way to insert one of the free backgrounds from this archive on your HTML webpage is to put the reference to it in the body tag. If the code below seems strange to you and you are not comfortable working with it, you would more than likely benefit from the HTML basics tutorial on this website.

Inserting a background in the body tag.

As you can see above, the name of the image file is in the body tag after the word background. The syntax above will only work if the file is in the same folder as the HTML document. If the image is in a sub folder then the syntax should look like this...

Inserting a background that is in a sub folder.

In the above example the image is in a folder named Images. The folder is in the same folder as the HTML document (In a sub folder). Now, what if you want to refer to an image that is outside the folder where the HTML document is or in a "parent folder" if you prefer.

Inserting a background that is in a parent folder.

The above code shows you how to access an image file that is in the parent folder of the folder that contains the HTML file. Basically the preceding ".." tells the browser to go outside one folder.

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If you know other people who are tired of having to go through a bunch of links to scroll through free backgrounds and having to go through pop ups and sub menus. Tell your friends about RoadDust's free background archive where browsing is made simple and easy. Feel free to use any of the free backgrounds above. You can take as many as you want and put them up on your website. All I ask is that you link back to this site so that others can benefit from these free backgrounds. Also you cannot download these backgrounds for the purpose of redistribution. All backgrounds found on this website are original backgrounds designed by and remain a property of That being said, Go ahead and use them freely on your website!