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Advertising your indie game is of the utmost importance. If you register your indie game on it will be displayed in the featured games for all to see! Your featured game section will also contain any links relevant to your game that you want to share.

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Enter your indie game information on the form below. After review, your game will be added to the list of featured games. is all about helping people develop their craft and therefore it is not essential that your game is very far along. The important part is that you are willing to share your ongoing progress with everyone.

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Registration Form Field Descriptions.

Form field descriptions

Logo URL The logo URL is a link to an image that best represents your game. This is a small image that must be square in shape. This image will be displayed as a small 100x100 thumbnail which will link to your blog (see Blog Link).
Game Description The game description field is a short descrition of your game which may contain up to 300 characters. This description must be plain text and can contain up to 3 links to anything related to your game (I.E.: Home page, kickstarter, greenlight, blog, youtube channel etc...). To insert a link put square brackets in your text containing the text for the link(Not the URL). The first entry will link to the 'Link 1' field, the second entry will link to the 'Link 2' field and the third will link to the 'Link 3' field (see Link 1-3 field). For example you could say the following: 'visit my [homepage] to see screenshots'. In this case the word 'homepage' would link to the URL you entered in the field 'Link 1'.
Link 1-3 In the Link1, Link2 and link3 fields you must enter the URLs to be linked to when a user clicks the text you entered between square brackets in the 'Game Description' field (see Game Description field). If you have no links setup in the Game Description field then these fields are not mandatory.
Blog Link In this field you must enter a URL to your blog. This is the URL that will be used when someone clicks on your logo (see Logo URL field). This URL will also be used to display the two latest entries from your blog.
Email Address In this field enter the email address that can be used by staff to contact you if needed. This email address will not be displayed anywhere or shared with anyone.
Verification In this field enter the code you see on the image directly to the right of the textbox. If you are unable to read the code, simply leave it blank and click submit(this will generate a new code).