Getting Crowd Funding for Your Indie Game

Crowd funding is not always necessary but in some cases may be quite helpful. A funding campaign may also be very beneficial in raising awareness for your game and getting people invested into your concept early on.

Releasing an Indie Game: Indie Game Crowd Funding.

Here are some popular crowd funding options.

Get crowd funding for your indie game.

Depending on your indie game development needs, it is possible that asking the masses to help you fund the development of your indie game may be a good idea. Aside from the obvious financial benefits, a funding campaign will also help raise awareness for your game and get the community involved. Some people also set up steam greenlight campaigns at the same time to link the two together and increase traffic.


Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowd funding platforms currently on the web. Although Kickstarter is not specific to indie game projects, many indie game developers choose to put up a funding campaign on kickstarter to raise money for their game development. Although running a successful kickstarter campaign can be very time consuming, it can be of tremendous benefit in both making money before the completion of your game as well as raising awareness and creating a fanbase.

Indiegogo is also a great place to setup your crowd funding campaign. You will find many other game developers setting up their funding campaign on indiegogo and may be successful in doing so yourself.

Core RescueA classical Arcade bullet hell that emphasizes tight controls and movement with explosive pixel action! - [currently $11 (0%) of $5,000 goal][...]
Posted on 12 June 2018 | 12:09 pm

Vogue, The Explorer - a Beautiful 3D Platformer GameVogue, The Explorer is a beautiful 3D platformer game where you will need to solve physics puzzle and fight enemies. - [currently €1 (1%) of €100 goal][...]
Posted on 12 June 2018 | 11:25 am

Sweets Of SteelIndie action game with bullet hell mechanics, all set in a fully 3D Candyland. Very challenging. Hordes of unique enemies. Super badass - [currently €11 (0%) of €20,000 goal][...]
Posted on 12 June 2018 | 7:20 am

Elemental WarA strategy card game about elements. - [currently €1 (0%) of €50,000 goal][...]
Posted on 12 June 2018 | 5:38 am

uHelbreath: The ReinassanceOpen-world fantasy MMORPG, hack'n'slash with fast-phased gameplay & F2P. - [currently €1 (0%) of €7,200 goal][...]
Posted on 11 June 2018 | 7:11 pm

MegaGrooveMegaGroove est un jeu en 2.5D basé sur la musique ! Inspiré des plus grands jeux de plateformes dans un esprit Die and Retry ! - [currently €26 (15%) of €170 goal][...]
Posted on 11 June 2018 | 2:03 pm

WHO'S the MURDER?! 3DMultiplayer 10 little indians inspiredA 3D Real-Time Multiplayer Game where all the players are inside a mansion but one of them is a murder! - [currently €6 (0%) of €40,000 goal][...]
Posted on 11 June 2018 | 12:48 pm

The Dark Side of the Moon - An Interactive FMV Point & ClickA FMV point and click adventure game where YOUR decisions make a difference. - [currently £346 (9%) of £3,750 goal][...]
Posted on 11 June 2018 | 12:46 pm

Lil Ye Land (Video Game)The ultimate hip-hop retro 2D platform game - inspired by the music, fashion and antics of one particular artist / genius. - [currently £997 (7%) of £15,000 goal][...]
Posted on 11 June 2018 | 11:18 am

3DTAMAGOTCHI RIE âÂ�¤ NEW GAME WITH VIRTUAL PETS!New Tamagotchi game with 3D graphics. You can play with lovely pets such beaver and panda! You will love it! - [currently €2 (0%) of €4,500 goal][...]
Posted on 11 June 2018 | 9:21 am

Kangaroo Simulator: Take Back the Outback
A campy (but funny) Choose-Your-Path VR app that gives a 10min story and lower-body workout using a headset and bouncy yoga ball - [currently $81 (2%) of $5,000 goal][...]
Posted on 16 May 2018 | 1:12 pm

Keep the Peace : in-depth police strategy
KTP is a complex strategy video game where, as the Chief of Police, you are responsible for the safety and security of your city. - [currently $46,738 (11%) of $425,000 goal][...]
Posted on 16 May 2018 | 7:54 am

FlashDriveâÂ​”Stylized Arcade Racer
A stylized "Mario Kart-like" arcade racer with car customization, exciting power-ups, and detailed maps. - [currently $186 (5%) of $3,500 goal][...]
Posted on 16 May 2018 | 2:11 am

Albatross: a Cinematic Puzzle Platformer Time Travel Game
Albatross is a cinematic side-scroller about time travel, causation, and courage. - [currently $7,773 (31%) of $25,000 goal][...]
Posted on 16 May 2018 | 12:02 am

RebEARth: Oculus Rift Multi-player First Person Shooter Game
RebEARth is a multi-player Oculus Rift VR sci-fi shooter game. Will launch with One player Campaign and Battle Royale modes. - [currently $101 (0%) of $150,000 goal][...]
Posted on 15 May 2018 | 5:47 pm