Find a Distributor for Your Indie Game

If you don't want to distribute your indie game yourself, this page may be of some assistance in helping you find the distributor which fits your needs.

Releasing an Indie Game: Indie Game Distributors.

The following is a list of links to websites where you can distribute your indie game. Distributors will take a cut of your profits but can alleviate the overhead of game distribution as well as advertising.

List of Indie Game Distributors.
6Waves (Browser Android iOS)
Acid-Play (PC Mac Freeware)
Aeria Games (PC Browser Android iOS)
Armor Games (PC Browser AndroidiOS)
Bigfish Games (PC Mac Browser Android iOS)
Bigpoint Games (Browser)
BlackBerry World (Blackberry Android)
Desura (PC Mac Linux Browser)
GameHouse (PC Mac Browser Android iOS)
Gameolith (PC Mac Linux Android)
GameTree Mac (Mac)
Good Old Games (PC Mac)
IndieDB (PC Mac Linux iPhone X360 Wii PS3 PSP DS)
IndieGameStand (PC Mac Linux) (OSX Windows Linux)
KawaGames (PC Mac Linux)
Mac App Store (Mac iOS)
Miniclip (Browser Android iOS Windows_Phone)
Opera Mobile Store (AndroidiOS Windows_Phone)
OVI Store (Windows_Phone)
PlayStation Store (PlayStation)
Steam Greenlight (PC Mac Linux)
Ubuntu Software Centre (Linux)
Wildtangent (PC Browser Android iOS)
Xbox live (PC XBox Windows_Phone)
Yahoo! Games (PC Mac Linux Browser)

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